I still remember the prrrrriiiit of the modem, the screech of the device to connect to the internet, at ridiculous speeds.

The millennium began with the scare in the body. Experts predicted a computer catastrophe after the last bell in 1999. Effect 2000, they called it.

The programmers had decided, in order to save memory, to skip the century of the year in the dates, with the alarm that the software would go crazy in the years that didn't start by 19. That New Year's Eve half the world (the developed one) crossed their fingers to that as of December 31, 1999 it was not followed by January 1, 1900.

Fifteen years later, the 2000 effect looks like a dystopia novel; But back then computing was still perceived by the majority of the population as an enemy rather than an ally.

It was late 1999 and it was in this environment that our company 2000 TiendaShop, S. L. was born.

A family-owned company specialized in sales and distribution, only online.

We hope to serve you better every day, anywhere in the world with total agility and security.

Online store since 1999.

2000 TiendaShop, S.L.
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