In the store we exclusively sell wine boots of the brand "Las Tres Z.Z.Z." handcrafted since 1873 in Pamplona, Navarra (Spain). Today, they are recognized worldwide for their quality and prestige.

  • Is the wineskin better with pitch or latex interior?

It depends on the usage of the wineskin. The "Las Tres ZZZ" wineskins are of the same quality except the interior.

Inner waterproofing with specially-treated, natural pitch: specially recommended for wine and liquors up to 30º alcohol.

The latex interior lining is specially recommended for beberages that the pitch lining will not support: fizzy drinks and drinks with 30 percent alcohol or more. Latex is also recommended to store water as it will not change the taste. In summary, recommended for any type of drink: waters, liquors, soft drinks, fizzy drinks...

  • The wine has turn bad

Empty the wineskin completely. Pour in a glass of water with a tablespoon of baking soda. Shake with the water and baking soda inside. Empty the wineskin and rince several times with clear water. Let dry and fill with wine again.

  • How to store the wineskin for a long time

If the wineskin is not going to be used for a long time, it’s better to store it empty and dry. Once it’s completely dry we can store it in a cool dry place, flat side down, and we must remember to flip sides from time to time. If you are going to use it again, use the first steps from the manual as if it was a new wineskin (you can skip the wine proofing).

  • The pitch has accumulated at the bottom of the wineskin. What to do?

First preheat the oven (never use a microwave) at 100° C (200° F). Once the oven has reached the desired temperature put in the wineskin for 5 minutes. When it’s out you have to spread evenly the pitch, one way of doing that is to sit on the wineskin (please be careful not to burn yourself), then you need to rub the seams well so they are sealed with the pitch. Inflate the wineskin and let it cool, the problem should be resolved and the wineskin ready to use again.

  • Is it necessary for preserving the winsekin to grease the exterior?

We do not recommend greasing the wineskins, it’s not necessary. If you feel the need to grease it, please use a food-grade product as the wineskin is porous. Some people use banana skins to rub the wineskins to protect and giving it a nice color.

  • How long can I store the wine in the wineskin before it turns sour?

It depends on a lot of things like the temperature, the alcohol percentage, the quantity of wine... If the wineskin is used every week the wine should be OK, if you’re not going to use it regularly you should be careful.

  • How do I store the wineskin on a daily basis: full? empty? flat? standing?

It’s best to store it flat, as the pitch tends to accumulate on the bottom due to gravity. If you switch sides regularly the wineskin will last for many years. If you store the wineskin standing or hanging and the pitch accumulates on the bottom please follow the steps as described above.

  • What is the pitch made of?

Pitch is a resinous product extracted from trees, mainly pine and juniper. Purified at very high temperatures with barks and fruits, it’s a natural waterproofing material that has been used since ancient times, with references in the Bible and the Homer’s Odyssey.

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