Why buy our wineskins?

Because we believe in making the best wineskins in the world, based on an experience of more than 140 years and 4 generations dedicated to the manufacture of the best quality wineskins. In the manufacturing process of our inner pitch wineskins, we perform a step that our competition skips and that makes the big difference between our wineskins and the rest. That step is a last bath in water, which makes the leather stretch perfectly, avoiding liquid leaks through the seams, leaving the boot perfect for immediate and lasting use.

What is pitch?

Pitch is a derivative of pine or juniper resin. Its function in a wine boot is to waterproof the inside of the boot, preventing the liquid from penetrating the skin of the boot. Pitch is solid at room temperature and consists of a complex mixture of many hydrocarbons. Pitch has a wide softening range rather than a defined melting temperature. When the melt cools, the pitch solidifies without crystallization, making the boot bendable and deformable to some extent without losing its impermeability. The pitch is suitable for use as a waterproofing agent and is harmless to health.

Do I have to do anything with the wineskin before using it?

Our wineskins are ready to be used from the first moment, if you want, you can first rinse the inside with water without any detergent, but it is not even necessary.

Which is better, pitch or latex?

There are two types of wineskin, those with pitch interior and those with latex interior. The latex wineskins, instead of having pitch as inner insulation, have a latex material sheath, with the shape of the wineskin, which will contain the liquid that is added to the wineskin. The pitch inner wineskin is the original, traditional wineskin of our ancestors. This should be your choice if you want it primarily for use with wine. If you want it for water, sweet or carbonated drinks, your choice should be latex.

What kind of beverages can be used in a wineskin with a pitch interior?

In principle, you can use it for wine and low alcohol liquors. Beverages such as wine and sugar-free liquors can be kept for a few days inside without degrading, but it is recommended that whenever a wineskin is not going to be used for a period of time, it should be stored and preserved properly. Soft drinks and carbonated beverages contain carbonic acid CO2 and a lot of sugar, and these types of beverages are not recommended for use in a wineskin with a pitch interior.

How long can wine be kept in a wineskin?

Wine can last between 2 and 3 days, but to preserve it, it is necessary to remove all the air from the wineskin. Sometimes it will last less and sometimes more, depending on many factors. There are two processes at play when the alcohol in wine is transformed into vinegar. The first is relatively insignificant. Ethanol, the beverage alcohol, reacts with oxygen to form acetic acid, a dilute solution we call "vinegar". To some extent, this happens because the wine is in contact with oxygen for too long. What really turns wine into vinegar is contamination by a bacterium called Acetobacter aceti. This very common bacterium produces an enzyme that converts ethanol into acetic acid.

How to preserve wineskins?

To preserve your wineskin with pitch interior, empty it of wine and air and without washing, store it in a cool, dry and dark place in a horizontal position; for later use, apply gentle heat (hair dryer, heater, etc.) and blow through the rim to separate the walls of the wineskin, but always do it gently and without forcing the wineskin. When you do not use your boot with latex interior, you should keep it washed and a little swollen, so that the latex does not stick. Our wineskins include a small manual of use and conservation.

What to do if the walls of the pitch wineskin have stuck together?

To separate them, heat the wineskin gently with a hairdryer or a heater at medium temperature and try to blow gently through the rim, because we do not want to force the pitch to come off until both walls come loose. Repeat the operation if it does not work the first time.

What to do if the pitch wineskin gets stuck somewhere?

If it is in the first uses and in the area of the seam, it is because it is dry, but with the use, it will stop to be stuck. If it is sticking somewhere else, it may be because it has lost or detached part of the pitch that waterproofed the wineskin, in this case, with the wineskin empty, heat it with a hair dryer around the sticking area and on both walls, and then massage it with your fingers trying to bring the pitch around the area where it has been lost. This can be a laborious task, but with perseverance, it can be achieved.

What to do if my wine stains?

Empty the wineskin, wash the inside with water, pour water back inside with 5 drops of bleach and leave it lying there without air for 24 hours, then wash the inside of the wineskin again with water until the smell of bleach is removed.

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